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Sailors Athletics

Steamboat Springs High School


Sailors Athletics

Steamboat Springs High School

Sailors Athletics

Steamboat Springs High School

Team News.

Team News

5 months ago @ 10:47AM by Ann Brenner

Update on the 2020 Football Season

On behalf of the CHSAA staff, we want to continue to provide you with relevant updates to re-starting sports and activities in the 2020-2021 school year.  Football practice is set to officially start five weeks from now, and with that, an update as to where we are currently is in order.


We have submitted resumption plans -- including safety requirements and guidelines for practice, competition, event management and officials’ oversight -- to the Governor’s team for their review.  While we are hopeful these plans will be reviewed and acted on promptly, there is no timeline as to when this may happen.  


Our plan is to start the fall season on Aug. 10, but that is dependent upon prompt approval from the Governor’s office. Again, this date could change.  The minimum number of practices required to play will not be changed, and the approved timeline for team camps will not be extended beyond the current guidelines.   


Once approval is received from the Governor’s office, we will communicate sport-specific modifications (if needed) to athletic directors and coaches. Our plan is to start the fall season with planned modifications, anticipating that decisions at the national and state level could disrupt or delay a season.  


While we are moving closer and closer to the start of the fall season as planned, many things can change over the next five weeks.  I hope you enjoy the time with your student-athletes these next few weeks and trust that our office will do all that we can to ensure a safe and exciting 2020 season.


Please reach out via email if I can be of any assistance.


Adam Bright

Assistant Commissioner

Colorado High School Activities Association

(303) 344-5050 office
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