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Sailors Athletics

Steamboat Springs High School


Sailors Athletics

Steamboat Springs High School

Sailors Athletics

Steamboat Springs High School

Team News.

Team News

1 month ago @ 1:28PM

SSHS Basketball Spectator Information


Luke DeWolfe

Tue, Jan 19, 10:32 AM (1 day ago)
to me
Basketball Parents,
    At this time Routt County is allowing 50 spectators in the gyms for basketball games.  For SSHS games the people included in the 50 allowed will be Cheerleaders, visiting team players, radio, and newspaper.  Additionally included will be 1 cheer parent / guardian, and 1 basketball parent / guardian.  This will be approximately 50 people.  In order to ensure equity for all, 1 parent will be allowed at all levels for all Season B sports at SSHS (each gym will be allowed 1 parent / guardian spectator even if games are being played in both gyms).  
Requirements for parent / guardian spectators at SSHS events during Season B: 
Prior to arrival answer the following:
1. Do you currently have any signs or symptoms of illness?
2. Have you had any known exposure to a COVID-19-positive individual in the past 14 days? 
3. Have you recently had a fever greater than 100.3
4. Do you have any reason to believe that you might have recently contracted COVID-19.
*** YES answer to any, or all of these questions prohibits anyone from attending SSHS events. 
ONE Parent or Guardian of each player on the bench for the game is permitted.  No other spectators are permitted.
- You may not enter the gym until gyms have been cleared and sanitized from any preceding contest.   
- A mask is required at all times while you are on the SSHS campus.
- Please use hand sanitizer upon entrance of SSHS (dispensers provided).
- You will enter and exit through the Athletic entrance on the North side of the building. 
- You may show up at the game no more than 15 minutes prior to your child's game, and you will not be allowed to enter gyms until permission is given to enter.  Do not congregate outside of the gym entrance/exit. 
- No concessions or food permitted.  
Team News

1 month ago @ 11:22AM

January 27 Games


    These will be the game times for 1/27  Coal Ridge at SSHS.  All games will be live streamed on our youtube channel Sailor's Athletics. 

4:30- 6:00:  Boys C and Girls Varsity

6:00-6:15- Clear gyms and sanitize

6:15 -7:45: Girls C and Boys Varsity


School:   Steamboat Springs


Entrance / Exit to be used:  Athletic entrance on North side of the building. This is the same entrance / exit we have used in years past. 


Teams will be allowed in building at:  

3:45pm weekday, 12pm for Saturday (1pm game start). 


Locker Room Criteria:

Social distancing must occur at all times (6 feet).    


Location for athletes not involved in games:

In gyms, in the stands, socially distanced.


Halftime / Pregame meeting locations:

Locker rooms socially distanced. 


Other Information:

Per CHSAA no shooting / warm-ups at halftime of games. 

No visiting spectators allowed.

Masks worn at all times.


Streaming Information:

All games streamed on youtube channel- Sailor’s Athletics
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