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Sailors Athletics

Steamboat Springs High School


Sailors Athletics

Steamboat Springs High School

Sailors Athletics

Steamboat Springs High School

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2 weeks ago

Girls Soccer - LET'S PLAY!

Hello Sailor Soccer Tribe,


Having coached for the past 34 years at SSHS this 2021 season “D” comes with the greatest of anticipation, excitement, and relevance. We will never forget the time of quarantine throughout the spring of 2020. As we attack this upcoming season with vigor may we keep our eye on the ball and remember the simple things that make high school sports special. Let’s Play!


Let’s Play for the moment. All we have is the here and now! There are no guarantees on what “the next” will look like.


Let’s Play with JOY! Joy creates a resilience inside of us that circumstances cannot touch.


Let’s Play for each other. Individually we are ordinary. Collectively we can become extraordinary.


Let’s Play for those that have helped shape us in becoming the people that we are. Parents, family, coaches, teachers, mentors, and friends.


Let’s Play for the player that wore the jersey before you. This jersey has gone through a spectrum of emotions and experiences. Honor the lessons that jersey has to teach.


Let’s Play for the player that will wear your jersey in the future. Create the legacy that you want to leave behind.


Let’s Play to compete! For the competition is about the pursuit of becoming the best people, players, and teams that we can be.


Let’s Play for Mollie Brown. She worked relentlessly for over a year, in her pursuit of ACL recovery #1. In the last minutes, of our last voluntary practice, prior to the 2021 season, the unimaginable happened to her opposite knee.  Mollie, we will play for you! We know that you would do the same for us. Because that is who you are!


Let’s Play for Caroline Lupori and Ann Barney. The lives of these two amazing young ladies were cut severely short, however, their spirit and legacy provides us with strength and wisdom, both on the field and off, and will remain with us all the days of our lives.


Let’s Play for the Class of 2020. This group has moved onward and upward. They handled the quarantine of their senior season with unbelievable maturity. We know that they will have a special eye on us during the return of high school soccer this season.


Looking forward to a great season - Rob


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